Sτŕēãᶆ𝝸nĝ Come to Daddy Watch Movie

Sτŕēãᶆ𝝸nĝ Come to Daddy Watch Movie - by emcasjoebi1971, February 23, 2020
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creators - Toby Harvard
Norval's life has been, to put it lightly, difficult. Currently living home with his mother, the troubled young man is coming off alcohol-related struggles. So when he receives an unexpected letter from his estranged father requesting a visit, Norval catches a bus up to his dad's secluded and scenic waterfront home. Maybe reconnecting with his father will give Norval the emotional fulfillment he's been lacking. Before long, though, he notices something off about his dad, an uneasy feeling triggered by inappropriate comments and a possible over-dependence on booze. Norval quickly realizes that his hope of father/son bonding is doomed. Instead of a family reunion, he finds himself in waking nightmare
Genre - Horror
Release Year - 2019
Audience score - 1827 Vote

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Do c4 91i tati watch movie know. Dođi tati watch movie streaming. Do c4 91i tati watch movie together. Dođi tati watch movie download. I beginning to think all these other reviews are fake and from the cast or friends of. This film is NOT COMEDY, it is NOT HORROR and it is not a THRILLER. This film is beyond meanlingless with absolute no purpose except to be another form of art. The dialogue is nothing special, the character building is nothing special, there was 0 laughs, there was 0 fear or anything really horror related - blood and death doesnt mean something is horror genre. And there was no thriller aspects, 1 single twist in the film and it happens in the first half of the film. Dont waste your time.

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The story reminds me of a Korean webtoon I ever read : Dead Days. Am I alone

4:21 when somone sais big chungus isnt funny. Dođi tati watch movie cast.




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