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51 Votes. Tomatometer: 8,2 / 10 stars. Genre: Drama. Description: Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a movie starring Ryan Eggold, Théodore Pellerin, and Talia Ryder. A pair of teenage girls in rural Pennsylvania travel to New York City to seek out medical help after an unintended pregnancy. Actors: Talia Ryder. USA. AMY ADAMS NATION HERE WE GOOOO. With the leak of the Theros book being nearly confirmed, it's likely that we will recieve some new player content with that book. The world of Theros has many different races with some not being explored yet. I thought it would be worth the time to categorize which races are likely to be introduced and which ones could receive new stats. Note that the likelyhood of inclusion means how likely they are to be included as a playable race in the book while likelyhood of new stats means how likely we are to get new stats for that race we haven't seen before if it is included. Humans Humans make up the majority of the Theran population. They are the most civilized of all of them, creating great cities called poleis after rebelling against the archons and leonin who previously oppressed them. But despite this, they're quite diverse with different members of humanity participating in different things. Some might enjoy the bloodlust of a minotaur slaughter, others enjoy the satyrs revel, and there are some that just wish to live peacefully in their poleis. Different groups of humans worship different gods, so they don't have a patron deity like some of the other races do. Depending on their area of interest, they may worship one god over the others such as a philosopher serving Ephara or Kruphix. But that is at an individual level rather than the race as a whole. Likelyhood of Inclusion: Very High Humans are the main race of Theros without question. They couldn't have the plane without them. There is no way they could disregard such an important race for the plane. Likelyhood of New Stats: Very Low Humans typically don't get new sets of stat in other settings unless they have something significant that sets them apart from humans in different settings. An example of this would be how the dragonmarked human houses in Eberron got their own human stats. Theran humans don't have any special things going for them, so they will likely just be given the normal and variant humans stats as options. Merfolk Sometimes called tritons, merfolk are a race of aquatic humanoids with gills and fins. Almost all worship Thassa, the god of the sea, for she resembles them and rules over their domain. Although there is a minority of them that worship the planeswalker Kiora, a merfolk from another plane who stole her divine bident using wit and guile. Many merfolk have the power to control water, creating great waves to crash down on their enemies or creating elementals to aid them in battle. Merfolk are only partially amphibious and can stay on land for days but must keep their gills wet occasionally. They live in the Siren Sea, Merfolk tend to be territorial towards land dwellers, mostly staying beneath the waves and only attacking when they have ventured into their domain. They usually search the bottom of the sea for hidden pieces of knowledge and power. Likelyhood of Inclusion: High Merfolk are a very important part of Theros, making up the majority of blue representation on the plane. Considering how much of Theros is filled with water, it would be a surprise to not see them included in any form. Likelyhood of New Stats: Very Low Considering the merfolk of Ravnica were told to just use the triton stats, it's very likely that it will be the case here too. Merfolks are already very similar to Tritons and even share the name, so it will likely be suggested to just use Triton stats. Leonin Leonin are anthropomorphic cat people with appearances similar to lions. They previously ruled along side archons in a tyrannical empire that spanned across Theros. The Archon served as the leaders while the Leonin dutifully served as their army and bodyguards. The humans rebelled and defeated them both, creating the first polis with Meletis. Since then, the leonin have lived in their settlement of Oreskos, a rocky river valley in a remote part of Theros. They've distanced themselves from the archons and the other races and only serve their pride. The leonin are notably xenophobic and anti theistic, with only outcasts from their prides worshipping the gods. They hold a grudge against humanity for ruining their empire and making them a shadow of their former selves. They serve their pride and a greater good above all else. Likelyhood of Inclusion: Medium Leonin are humanoids and aren't too out there compared to other races of Theros. However their xenophobia makes them not as likely to be included as other races might be. They may be relegated to just monster enemies similar to how orcs or goblins might be in other settings. Likelyhood of New Stats: Low Leonin are quite similar to tabaxi with both being anthropomorphic cat people. I wouldn't be surprised if they said to use the tabaxi stats instead of any new leonin stats. But leonin are built differently from tabaxi somewhat. Tabaxi are typically more lithe and thin, taking after jaguars and cheetahs. Meanwhile leonin are larger and stronger with an appearance similar to lions. This may have them be more focused around strength rather than dexterity. Satyrs Satyrs look similar to humans from the waist up, excluding their horns and the men usually being hairier than the average human. From the waist down, they have ungulate legs similar to a goat that end in hooves. Satyrs are typically disliked by most other races. They are rarely a threat, and usually a nuisance, constantly partying with their revels, causing mischief and mayhem wherever they go. In the past they even had one of their own, Xenegos, become a god using the power of their hedonistic emotions invoked with their revels. But not all satyrs are like this. Some of them have taken residence in the human polis of Setessa, a city closely connected to nature that worships the goddess of the harvest, Karametra. These satyrs are typically more focused on protecting and nurturing nature as well as Setessa and it's people, having learned that there is more to life than just constant partying. While in greek mythology there are usually only male satyrs, on Theros there are both male and female satyrs. Likelyhood of Inclusion: Very High Satyrs are one of the most common races on Theros, likely being in second place after humans. They have had a major impact on the plane with Xenegos' rise and downfall and continue to cause chaos long after his death. They also have a great amount of story potential with the conflict between the reveler satyrs and the Setessan satyrs. They would make a great player race and are a very likely inclusion Likelyhood of New Stats: Very High If satyrs are included, they are getting new stats we've never seen before. There hasn't been a race that is similar to satyrs in the slightest, so there would be nothing for WotC to reflavor off of. Centaurs Physically, centaurs are similar to satyrs, but have the underside of a horse rather than a goat. They fall into two main factions: Lagonna band and Pheres band. The Lagonna band serve as merchants and storytellers, typically in constant travel between the poleis of Meletis and Setessa. They are quite diplomatic and are more interested in trading rather than fighting. They aren't particularly relgious, but are likely to worship Heliod, Karametra, or Ephara if they worship anyone. The Pheres band are much more aggressive and savage faction of centaurs. They have a "might makes right" belief system and will kill anyone that attempts to enter their territory. They worship the goddess of the hunt, Nylea, almost exclusively. Likelyhood of Inclusion: Very High Centaurs are are an integral part of Theros, being found frequently almost everywhere on the plane. No matter which faction they're a part of, they have the potential to be great adventurers. Likelyhood of New Stats: Low The centaur statblock previously used in Ravnica will probably be reused for these centaurs. There isn't much of a reason for them to make new stat blocks when that one works for nearly any centaur on any plane. But there is a small chance that there are subraces for each of the factions. Lagonna centaurs would be more focused on mental stats and knowledge while Pheres centaurs would be entirely martial focused. Minotaurs Minotaurs are large vaguely humanoid creatures with appearances similar to bulls. They stand upright on two legs that stand in hooves, have long horns, and typically a set of very sharp and jagged teeth. Some minotaur have faces similar to bulls while others are more human like. Minotaurs on Theros are very unintelligent and live mostly among the mountains and caves of the plane. They are very violent and love the taste of human flesh. Only a very powerful minotaur can rally them into doing anything productive other than infighting with each other. Minotaurs serve the god of slaughter and bloodshed, Mogis, who resembles them in appearance. They have their own polis: Skophos, a nearly endless maze that went unknown by humanity for many years and remains unexplored. Likelyhood of Inclusion: Medium Minotaurs have a similar problem to leonin in that they're mostly a monsterous race. They are the "always CE" to the leonin's "always LE. " Making a minotaur adventurer who would rather protect than eat their companions would be difficult to include in Theros. But considering that Theros has a relatively low amount of races overall and minotaurs are an iconic part of the plane, it's possible that they could be included. Likelyhood of New Stats: Very Low Minotaurs already got stats in Ravnica that also fit the Theran minotaurs very well. There isn't as much of a schism between them as the centaurs have, so I would be surprised if they didn't just reprint the old minotaurs. Nyxborn On Theros, the night sky is the collection of all sentient being's emotions and beliefs manifested into magic. This place, Nyx, is where the gods live and thrive. Sometimes the gods need servants to act in their stead among the mortals. So they take pieces of Nyx and form them into living beings known as Nyxborn. Nyxborn are artificial magical beings created as adults and always made for a reason. They usually appear as members of other races such as humans, satyrs, centaurs, and minotaurs but with their shadow casting the night sky rather than a normal shadow. They're unquestioningly loyal to the god that created them and serve their purpose as best they can. Likelyhood of Inclusion: Medium Nyxborn are an important part of Theros being the reason the gods have so much control over the world. But whether they want players to be Nyxborn or not remains in the air. Nyxborn might just be too "out there" for them to be included for players. Likelyhood of New Stats: High It's hard to say exactly what kind of stats a Nyxborn would have. They are certainly very magical creatures compared to whatever their base race is, but the issue comes in that they can be a part of any of the god worshipping races. I don't know how they could make a minotaur Nyxborn feel different from a human or merfolk Nyxborn. Maybe it will be some template they can apply to other races or they have different subraces based on the races they're a part of. We'll have to see. Nymphs A subset of Nyxborn are the Nymphs. Unlike most Nyxborn, Nymphs aren't specifically based off of any one race but rather they're elemental energy combined with the power of Nyx. They're very closely related to different aspects of nature and have the power to control their domain of influence. Most Nymphs are benevolent and kind, making them a welcome sight for most races. Nymphs come in five different types Alseids reside in meadows and farmlands near civilization. They typically help human farmers protect their livestock and grow their food. They're very protective and hate to see any harm come to their flock. Naiads are the most aloof of the Nymphs, typically living in rivers and other bodies of water. They watch over the secrets found beneath the waves and protect them from people who would want to abuse them. Lampads are Nymphs that cross between the worlds of the living and the dead. The returned and eidolons are drawn to them for guiding the dead. Orieds are Nymphs closely connected with lava and fire. They are passionate and wild, using their fire magic to make beautiful displays. However they can be quite dangerous due to their unpredictable nature. Sometimes they participate in satyr revels, but this is a rare occasion. Dryads watch over the forests and natural places of Theros. They usually foster life and happiness wherever they go and their presence is made known by the surrounding plant life being much more vibrant and healthy. Similar to satyrs, Nymphs come in both genders even though they are originally female only. Likelyhood of Inclusion: Low Nymphs are more likely to receive some monster stat blocks as possible enemies than as PC races, but it's not completely impossible for them to be included. If they are added, I expect them to have five subraces for each of the types of Nymph. Likelyhood of New Stats: High On the off chance that Nymphs are included, they're very likely going to get new stats. Orieds or Naiads could be reflavored fire and water genasi respectively, but the protective power of Alseids, the morbid power of Lampads, and the botanic power of Dryads are unlike anything we've ever seen before. They could make for a new and very different race. Returned When a mortal dies on Theros, their soul goes to the underworld. It's a place of endless torment where most are forced to live in agony until the end of time. Sometimes these mortal souls are twisted into brutal monsters which escape the underworld and ravage the world of the living. The souls of the underworld have the option to leave at any point, but it comes at a cost. They return to the world of the living as gray corpses with mangled faces called the returned. Their past emotions and memories are torn away from them becoming an eidolon. All returned have a gold mask of their old face that they constantly wear over their mutated form. The returned are intelligent, but often confused as they have no memory of their former lives. They feel a constant sense of emptiness from their lack of an eidolon and are in search of it, whether they know it or not. If an eidolon and returned reunite with one another, they become a single entity that's now a demigod, being much more powerful than they ever were before. The returned have two poleis on the world of the living: Asphodel and Odunos. Asphodel is a solemn but harmless city where the lost returned accept their fate. However it is known for trading with living cities and is home to a certain infamous gray merchant. Odunos is a much more aggressive polis, filled with returned who are enraged at their state of being. They lash out against all life and have given up on searching for their eidolon. They are led by the tyrant king Tymaret who has recently become a demigod thanks to the help from Erebos. Likelyhood of Inclusion: High The returned were a major part of the most recent set in Theros because of it being based around the underworld. They are a common sight to see and unlike most undead on other planes they are both sentient and not always evil. This would be one of the only chances for an undead player race to be added and I could see WotC taking it. Likelyhood of New Stats: Very High Undead are something we haven't seen explored for player races at all. The returned would have to have entirely new stats for what they represent: sentient, neutral undead. While they do have the problem of Nyxborn that they can be a part of any race, I could see them being much more similar to one another because of them all being living corpses. Eidolon The other half of a returned is the eidolon. They are spirits that consist of the person's memories and emotions. Unlike the returned, they aren't as interested in reuniting with their lost half as they don't feel like they've lost as much. They don't have as much free will or agency as the returned, usually continuing to do the same things they did in their old life over and over. They don't understand why exactly they do this, but they just do. Usually whatever emotions they previously had are amplified. Violent warriors become ferocious spirits of destruction. Scholars become entirely devoted to teaching their students, to an oppressive degree. And those who previously protected the forests may find them becoming one with it. Likelyhood of Inclusion: Low Eidolons are much more "out there" than the returned are. The idea of an undead PC seems pretty gounded, but a spirit PC would be much harder to make work. The fact that eidolon don't have as much free will can also be troublesome for a PC. I can see just the returned getting stats and the eidolon not having any. The story of a lose zombie trying to find their memories and purpose is a more intriguing story than a spirit who repeatedly does the same thing over and over because of their lack of agency. Likelyhood of New Stats: Very High Spirits are another type of race we haven't seen before represented in player races. In the unlikely chance that they do manage to be included as a player race, they'd receive an entirely new set of stats. Gorgons Gorgons are snaked haired creatures that resemble female humans while having a snake tail in place of legs. They are the creations of Pharika, the goddess of affliction and medicine. Some gorgons are more hostile to other humanoids, turning them to stone for fun and delighting in their cruelty. Although some take on the aspect of their goddess' healing aspect, becoming apothecaries who tend to the sick and injured. They are a rare race and they're often feared by others because of how dangerous they are. Likelyhood of Inclusion: Very Low Gorgons are much more powerful than other races and may be too strong for a PC to be able to play. The ability to turn things to stone is usually saved for a 6th level spell or higher, making a racial ability for this being very unlikely. They may just keep gorgons as monsters and NPCs, especially considering they did the same with Ravnica. But they are one of the sentient races of Theros, so it's not certain that they won't get in. Likelyhood of New Stats: Very High Gorgons are another race unlike anything we've seen before. How they'd work in petrification (or at least partial petrification) into a player race would be some very new territory. If they get in, we'd have something brand new with the gorgons.

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