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Countries: USA

release date: 2020

director: Chris Sinclair

Creator: Brent Gudgel

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See you in heaven sir. Free the oppressed free burma rangers. I'm french i love free burma. Love is the key. Free free burma rangers vs. Free free burma rangers song. Free free burma rangers online. Free free burma rangers games. Keep up the great work our dearest brothers! Our prayers are with you all.

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Thanks to the man. Be a great man. And keep the faith and show love to one and all

Free Free Burma. Free free burma rangers videos. Free free burma rangers full. Free free burma rangers video. 5:45 is all it took to get into Heaven, everything else you are doing is extra credit btw. Free free burma rangers music. Free free burma rangers news. Free free burma rangers live. I wish I could join with this trip with you. I don't believe in God but i believe his faith to save humanity. Good Job,Free Rangers. Tl;dr; Pilots & aircraft needed for humanitarian evacuation in Syria **now** David Eubank is the leader of The Free Burma Rangers’ (FBR), whose mission mission is to provide hope, help and love to internally displaced people inside Burma, Sudan, Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria regardless of ethnicity or religion. Here's their website. Here's a podcast he recently was interviewed on. Below is an email that David just sent out. --------------------- 7 October, 2019 Sari Kani, Syria Dear friends, We are near Sari Kani, north of Tel Tamir, where hundreds of wounded people are trapped; a ceasefire has been announced and if it holds we are planning to use this opportunity to evacuate wounded people trapped by the Turkish and FSA assault. Sari Kari has a hospital but it is surrounded and has been damaged by airstrikes and shelling. We don’t know how many patients and staff are there. Right now, what is needed is a humanitarian air corridor as soon as possible to save lives. Please read our statistics below. I am up at the front and we cannot get further through the Turkish airstrikes. Numbers for this area near Sari Kani, north of Tal Tamir: Wounded: 653 (including 35 wounded children) Many of the injured are trapped by Turkish airstrikes and cannot move to aid. Killed by airstrikes and shelling: 218 civilians (18 children) Displaced People: 150, 000 people have fled the Sari Kani area 150, 000 have fled Tel Abyad 60, 000 have fled Kobani 5 SDF medics have been killed, 1 in an airstrike, 4 captured on the road and executed; 5 have been wounded 4 ambulances have been hit by air strikes. The Casualty Collection Point (CCP) 15 kilometers north of Tel Tamir was destroyed by an airstrike on 12 October. There are still civilians in Sari Kani. In Tal Tamir there is a hospital with 50 staff, including 7 doctors. Patients are treated and sent to Hassaka and Qamishli for better care. There is no other outside assistance or medical care. The front line here is 35 kms north of Tal Tamir at Sari Kani and west of Tel Tamir 20 kilometers in Aleaa. The Turks and FSA are attacking from the north and west. FBR is providing relief and medical care for the wounded and IDPs and will help evacuate wounded and civilians if the ceasefire holds. Thank you and God bless you, David Eubank Free Burma Rangers --------------------- I'm sure that there are a lot on this sub who have the type of flying experience and skill necessary to land in these conditions. And I'm sure there are aircraft available somewhere in the region. There are an incredible amount of dangers and unknowns, but asking the question can't hurt. I believe in a God who can accomplish anything. You don't have to be part of that, but be part of an effort to save some lives. The way forward: volunteer an aircraft or yourself. Looking for aircraft with unimproved field capability and the space to carry 20+ ambulatory pax.

These are true Christian angels from god FBR. I want to see your videos more news. Free free burma rangers youtube. Free Free Burma ranger france. Brilliant and absolutely spot on! Keep the faith, if DJ Trump hears your message he will take heed! David, you fight a noble and just cause, you are a role model for western civilisation today. Free Free Burma rangers. Velen denk. This man deserves everything good in his cluding his team.

Free free burma rangers movies. The film is about the Free Burma Rangers and their efforts to bring relief those suffering from genocide and war. I saw it tonight and the movie hits harder than little girls running. It is an excellent story of how to love unconditionally. If you can, please try to make time to go see it on Tuesday 2/25 I can't give it a higher recommendation. So powerful and inspiring. Free free burma rangers history.

Watching in 2019 I hope you are still alive and doing well God bless you. Free free burma rangers game. Free free burma rangers songs. What a brave man. Level 1 I love the Kurds, both as individuals and as the society they are building. This is sickening. It was also inevitable the moment we conned them into believing an independent Kurdistan was possible. Turkey would never permit it and Syria won't allow itself to be carved up. I warned a friend there of this in 2013 and told him to evacuate his family to Iraq. The US has always used and discarded stateless nations this way. Just ask the Hmong. Welcome to r/socialism! This is a community to discuss current events in our world from an anti-capitalist perspective and to provide clarity to socialist ideas. We look forward to your participation in our sub but please be respectful as rules are enforced. Are you new to socialist ideas? Please check out our educational materials and wiki. Reddit Inc © 2020. All rights reserved.

Does anyone know what he was saying right at the end. Free Free Burma ranger. امين الرب يباركم ويحفظكم بأسم يسوع المسيح. Praise Jesus.


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